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17.11.2020 15:18 Age: 2 yrs

Foreign and European Affairs

Creation of an economic and commercial attaché position at the Luxembourg Embassy in London

Christophe Brighi, economic and commercial attaché at the Luxembourg Embassy in London

In the continuity of multiple collaborative projects aimed at further developing economic relations at the international level, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce have jointly decided to create a position for an economic and commercial attaché at the Embassy of Luxembourg in London.

Following an initiative started in 2011 with the introduction of a first position in Berlin, followed by Paris in 2014 and Brussels in 2016, the partners have decided to invest in a fourth position, this time in London, and filled by Christophe Brighi. This joint approach brings together diplomatic and commercial expertise to promote the Luxembourg economy on an international level.

Christophe Brighi, born in 1987, took up his new position on 16 November 2020, and will be responsible for helping to promote and deepen economic and trade relations between the United Kingdom and Luxembourg. With a Double Master's degree in International Relations from the Université libre de Bruxelles in partnership with the Tongji University in Shanghai, he previously held the positions of project manager within the 2015 Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and Economic Advisor at the Luxembourg Embassy in Beijing. Prior to his appointment as economic attaché, Christophe Brighi held a position within the Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs will organise jointly a webinar as part of the "Prepare4Brexit" conference series on Monday 14 December at 10.30 am. The webinar aims to present the business opportunities of the British market and will be an opportunity to meet the new economic and commercial attaché, Christophe Brighi.

The United Kingdom is today one of Luxembourg's most important trading partners, both for services and goods, as the 5th destination for exports and the 7th partner for imports. The role of the economic attaché in London will be to help further strengthen these close trade ties and will include a number of tasks including assisting companies wanting to establish or expand their activities in the UK. In a period marked by the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, including its internal market and customs union, by 31 December 2020, Luxembourg companies will thus have an additional point of contact to assist them.

The establishment of a Business Club in the United Kingdom, which will provide a meeting place for business communities wanting to further develop exchanges between Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, is also planned.

Communicated by : The Ministery of Foreign and European Affairs / The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce