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L’activité de votre entreprise est impactée par le COVID-19.

La Chambre de Commerce et sa House of Entrepreneurship restent à vos côtés.


04.02.2021 10:27 Il y a : 347 days


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International expansion is a real opportunity for companies to benefit from solid and lasting competitive advantages, whatever the business sector. The rise of new technologies such as eCommerce, virtual reality and digital payment systems, makes it easier for companies to develop beyond their own borders. Today, the health crisis linked to COVID-19 poses enormous economic challenges. As times are hard, it makes it all the more important to maintain foreign trade relations, to explore new markets and to innovate.

In these difficult times, the entire International Affairs team of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce remains by your side to best assist you in your international development. To help you (re)build and adapt your strategy, we want to share with you the 2021 programme together with useful news and effective tools to support your international ventures and strengthen your resilience in times of crisis.

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